Vitacream B12 eye and lip balm 15ml

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Vitacream B12 eye and lip balm 15ml

Your daily softness !

Moisturizes and protects. This non greasy balm is an intense care which protects and soothes the fragile and sensitive areas of the eyes and lips. Allying the benefits of antioxidant vitamins to UV filters, it avoids the dehydration and prevents the premature skin ageing. Formulated from natural beeswax and enriched with precious vegetable extracts of shea-tree, glycerin, it is the ideal care to regain a soft and satiny skin and naturally smooth and soft lips. Extracts of centella asiatica, combined with collagen activating peptides, also allow an optimal rejuvenating and anti-wrinkle effect. This rich, firming and nourishing care, efficiently fights against the signs of passing time and tiredness.


Apply on eyes and lips outline as much as necessary.



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