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Description Lubex anti-ageŽ hydration oil, a potent elixir specifically designed to prevent wrinkles, act as an antioxidant against free radicals, calm, and regenerate your skin. This luxurious oil provides long-lasting hydration and nourishment while smoothing your skin and enhancing its suppleness. Experience the transformative effects as...

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Description Epigeneva regeneration lotion activatrice serum 150ml Inspired by heroes of nature, Epigeneva® borrows the very best of a Salamander’s extraordinary capacities and diet to provide skin with the multifunctional REGENERATION complex™: Perkiol™, a biopeptide purified through plant engineering techniques reprograms the skin’s vital breathing + snail secretion gradually...

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Lubex anti-age eye excellence 15 ml A 15ml innovative anti-aging solution specifically designed for the delicate skin around your eyes. Our groundbreaking formula combats signs of aging by smoothing facial expressions and age lines, while tightening and intensely hydrating the eye area. Embrace the rejuvenating...

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Description Dr. Wild & Co depurdent 75 ml DEPURDENTFor a brilliant smilePaste for teeth cleaningTo obtain noticeably clean and dazzling white teeth. Introducing DEPURDENTÂŽ Clean & Polish Tooth Cleaning Paste, your new solution for an optimal tooth cleaning regimen. Despite regular cleaning, tooth discoloration from...

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Description EMOFLUOR Twin Care Introducing EMOFLUORÂŽ Twin Care Toothpaste, providing dual protection for sensitive teeth and dental erosion. This unique formula combines the highly effective, mineral tin fluoride with the award-winning CUROLOXÂŽ TECHNOLOGY. This double protective layer efficiently prevents erosion and quickly desensitizes sensitive teeth...

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Description Description Experience a brilliant transformation with EMOFORM Diamond Whitening Toothpaste, your key to whiter, shinier teeth. Crafted with the finest diamond particles, our innovative formula gently cleans and polishes the surfaces of your teeth without causing any irritation or harm to sensitive areas. Experience...

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Description Skin689 bio-cellulose face mask 20 ml The bio-cellulose hyaluronic face mask from skin689 Ž smoothes and refreshes the facial skin quickly and sustainably. Provides with its fine network of bio-cellulose for instant recovery. Their fine natural fibers are obtained from natural coconut water in a biotechnological process and...

Description Lubex anti-age tonic 120ml refreshing & hydrating A refreshing and hydrating alcohol-free formula designed to gently refresh and stimulate the face and eye area. This nourishing tonic provides ample moisture, leaving your skin feeling delightfully fresh and smooth. Suitable for all skin types, Lubex...

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Description PlantaVis lung fit and immune system 60 capsules For healthy lungs with strong defenses. Natural strength for the lungs and immune system from PlantaVis. Dietary supplement with vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium and silicon - high-quality quality product from PlantaVis Lung fit immune system capsules...

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Description Description: Unleash the power of nature with Bioxsine Dermagen Forte Herbal Shampoo. Crafted for individuals experiencing severe to extremely severe hair loss, our formula has been proven to not only halt hair loss with regular and consistent use but also stimulate new growth. It revitalizes...

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Description Puralpina marmot herbal cream warming 100 ml 100% natural Swiss salve with marmot oil and powerful herbs. A mild long-lasting treatment to warm up your back, muscles and joints. Loosens, relaxes and regenerates. Powerfully penetrates deep into your tissue. Excellent for massages. The mild...

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Description Lavinie exclusive edition hand cream 50 ml Luxury and unique Swiss quality hand cream as all reseach, development and production of the Lavinie cosmetics line takes place in Switzerland. Your Benefit Be seduced by this fast absorbent and restoring Hand Cream, which will leave...

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Description Lubex anti-age night rich 50 ml Night active treatment for dry to very dry and / or mature skin This luxurious formula works overnight to reactivate and tone your skin, providing powerful antioxidant protection and intensive hydration. Enriched with a high content of moisture...

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Description Tightens the skin. Due to the soothing and extract and other ingredients, wrinkles and skin irregularities are alleviated Original product from switzerland, known from tv advertisingUnique gel consistency, ideal for daily skin care and for every skin type, age and gender All-in-one product; effective...

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Description Mettler1929 glycerin Soap 100 gram / 200 gram Gently cleans, leaving no tightness and dryness sensation, for a silky and soft skin feel. With 92% of natural ingredients. Application Suitable for daily, clean and use on body and face, rinse off thoroughly. Composition Glycerin, Coconut oil

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Description Lubex anti-age night classic 50 ml A night-active treatment designed for normal to slightly dry skin. This powerful formula works overnight to activate your skin's natural regeneration processes, providing deep hydration and promoting long-lasting firmness to keep your complexion youthful and vibrant.Ideal for those...

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Lubex anti-age eye intensive 15 ml  An advanced eye treatment designed to restore a fresh, radiant look to the particularly sensitive skin around your eyes. Our innovative formula replenishes your skin's moisture reserves, giving your eye area a vibrant, youthful appearance. Suitable for all skin...

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Description Plantavis pure chlorophyll the green blood - super monofood powder 150 gram Chlorella is a unicellular microalgae and one of the oldest food sources on earth. The microalgae Chlorella is a unique food in all respects. It also has a unique selling point that explains many...

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Description Description Farfalla Rose Blossom Organic Plant Water is a gentle yet potent solution that provides renewal and calming care for sensitive and stressed skin, whether it's a baby's delicate bottom or mature skin in need of rejuvenation. It's exceptionally soothing for sensitive and irritated...

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Description Agestop marine collagen sleeping mask 50 ml Bio Marine Collagen Hydro Rescue Sleeping Mask goes to work on your skin overnight, during its optimal recovery time. This unique buttery cushion gel cream provides intense nourishment to the skin so you wake up with a...

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Description Plantavis plantaskin lightening pigment balance 60 capsules PlantaSkin Lightening Pigment Balance for the skin. PlantaSkin Lightening capsules plus a natural cell protection complex. Dietary supplement with olive leaf, almond powder, hydroxytyrosol, sodium hyaluronate, coenzyme Q10, copper gluconate, rivoflavin vitamin B2, biotin plus a natural cell...

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Description Epigeneva regeneration night cream 50ml Regenerating night cream for face and neck Protective – Global anti-aging Epigeneva® borrows the very best of a Salamander’s extraordinary capacities and diet to provide skin with the multifunctional REGENERATION complex™ Perkiol™, a biopeptide purified through plant engineering techniques reprograms the...

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Lubex anti-age intelligence serum 30 ml A refining and correcting biostimulator that instantly mattifies your skin, refines complexion, smooths wrinkles, and imparts a fresh, radiant glow. Suitable for all skin types, this innovative serum features an intelligent active system with six biostimulators that precisely identify...

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Description Epigeneva energizing gel cleanser 200 ml Energizing face gel cleanser Moisturizing – Anti-urban stress Inspired by Nature’s heroes, Epigeneva® uses the best part of a hummingbird’s diet to offer the skin the Multifunctional ENERGY Complex™: Young sunflower shoots preserve energy jeopardized by urban stress + hibiscus...

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