Lubex hair 200 ml

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Lubex hair 200 ml

Dermatological shampoo with triple care effect

  • Soothes sensitive and irritated scalp and protects against irritation (Polidocanol 600)
  • Makes hair supple and easier to comb, regenerates structure-damaged hair (conditioners and care products)
  • Supports the natural protective function of the scalp against scalp problems caused by fungi and bacteria

    Has proven itself for daily and gentle cleaning of hair and scalp and is recommended: 

    • For daily care for every hair type
    • For the care of the scalp, especially the sensitive or irritated scalp
    • Following or in combination with treatment in consultation with your doctor, pharmacist or druggist
    • For structurally damaged, tinted, colored and permed hair
    • As a hypoallergenic shampoo for the scalp, which is prone to allergies or irritation
    • For preventive care of hair and scalp

    In the case of flaky scalp, the use of a specific medical shampoo against dandruff is recommended in alternation with Lubex hair.

    Hair care tips:

    • Use mild and hypoallergenic shampoos for sensitive scalp and frequent use.
    • Only dermatologically tested products guarantee optimal compatibility with prolonged use.
    • Do not blow dry your hair too hot, if possible let your hair air dry.

    Polidocanol 600, antifungal and antiseborrheic surfactants



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