Phytopharma asonor snore spray 30 ml

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Phytopharma asonor snore spray 30 ml

The Phytopharma Asonor Snore Spray is sprayed into each nostril just before going to sleep to prevent excessive snoring. The anti-snoring spray moisturizes the mucous membranes and can thus alleviate unpleasant snoring noises. Since it is an exclusively physical application, the Phytopharma Asonor Snore Spray can be used over a longer period without hesitation. This is a medical device.

  • - With snoring problems
  • - Moisturizes and tones the throat muscles
  • - Prevents excessive snoring

    Phytopharma asonor snore spray helps with snoring noises. The spray is sprayed into the nose and then spreads in the throat. It moisturizes and tightens the throat muscles, which reduces the noisy vibration that is responsible for the snoring sound.

    Spray 4-6 sprays into each nostril before bed.


    polysorbate (polysorbatum), glycerol (glycerolum), sodium chloride (natrii chloridum)



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