Puralpina marmot herbal cream cooling 100 ml

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Puralpina marmot herbal cream cooling 100 ml

with powerful herbs and high-quality marmot oil. 100% natural. A mild, deeply penetrating cooling treatment for joints, ligaments and tendons. Marmot oil combines with herbs for powerful penetrating action deep into your tissue. Can be used several times per day. 

Puralpina develop and produce the marmot herbal cream by themselves with handwork, allowing them to have complete control over the use of the carefully selected ingredients. The cream does not require any artificial additives . It contains no paraffins, microplastics or palm oil and no artificial preservatives, fragrances or colors. 


Apply to the desired parts of the body such as joints, ligaments or tendons (do not massage in heavily). The marmot ointment is very suitable for skin care and can be used several times a day. It is also compatible with children.

Strengthen the marble marmot herbal ointment with a drop of pure marmot oil So the whole force unfolds.


The ointment is purely natural and therefore free of preservatives, perfumes and colourings. Composition: chamois fat, olive oil, deer fat, marmot oil, comfrey, hay flowers, marigold, St. John's wort, badger fat, mint, arnica, marsh sedge, watercress and spruce needles.



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