Puralpina marmot massage oil 100 ml

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Puralpina marmot massage oil 100 ml

High-quality Swiss massage oil made of pure marmot oil, olive oil and powerful herbs. Warms and relaxes your back, muscles and joints. Loosens and regenerates. Excellent for long, thorough massages. Soothing relief and relaxation for your body. Support your recovery process after physical exertion and exercise.  Can be used several times per day. Also suitable for children.


For thorough massages and short intensive self-massages on the back, muscles and joints. Very suitable before exercise (warm up and relax), after exercise (relax and regenerate), for skin, hand and foot care. The marble massage oil can be used several times a day and is also suitable for children.

A drop of our pure marble oil increases the power of the marble massage oil.


The massage oil is purely natural and free from artificial preservatives, fragrances and colors. From olive oil, marmot oil, St. John's wort, turmeric, wheat germ, linseed, lavender, mint, rosemary, fern herb, pumpkin seed, propolis, sesame and oak bark.



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