Skin689 cream anti-cellulite 100 ml

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Skin689 cream anti-cellulite 100 ml

stimulates with its exclusive patented active ingredient CHacoll ® to the collagen synthesis in the subcutaneous tissues, helps as effective within 4 to 12 weeks for cellulite and smoothes the skin. 

CHacoll ® promotes the formation of collagen fibers. The subcutaneous fiber network under the skin is strengthened, the fat cells are retained, so that the skin becomes firmer and firmer.


The anti-cellulite cream is quickly absorbed into the skin and can therefore be used in the morning or in the evening . After the first application, the cream leaves a silky soft feeling and a pleasant fragrance . For an optimal result, the cream is applied sparingly to the affected skin areas daily over a period of six to ten weeks .

What is the result?

Application studies have shown that the complexion improves continuously. In 12 weeks, the elasticity increased on average by up to 33% and the fat cells were reduced by up to 58%. With this dual mechanism of action on collagen fibers and fat cells, the causes of cellulite are specifically and sustainably addressed.





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