Puralpina marmot oil 50 ml

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Puralpina marmot oil 50 ml

100% pure marmot oil from the Swiss Alps – free of additives. A centuries-old home remedy. For a warming effect, use as a massage oil for the back and muscles. For a cooling effect, apply to joints, ligaments and tendons.  


For short intensive self- massages on the back, muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. Recommended for skin, hand and foot care. You can use the marmot oil neat. Massage the marmot oil into your back and muscles for a warming application. Apply the marmot oil to your joints for a neutral or cooling application. The whole power of the marmot oil is released when you use it with marmot herbal ointments. 


Marmot oil has a unique power. Natural cortisone-related substances. As a protective mechanism - acquired over the millennia - the marmot stores this active ingredient in its fat. 



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