2022 Summer Best Swiss Slimming Products

Summer is here!

Are you after firm skin and defined body contours?

Do you want to get ready for the most stunning looks in your summer outfits?

Check out these swiss products with excellent effect that can help you to lose weight and to look in shape quickly, safely and naturally !


1.【Plantavis Garcinia】&【Plantavis Plantaslim】

As an innovative swiss company in the production and development of nutritional supplements, PlantaVis works closely with scientists from the fields of nutrition, epigenetics and nutrigenetics as well as medicine and pharmacy.

Two efficient slimming products from this brand:【Plantavis Garcinia】for Fat Burning and【Plantavis plantaslim】for Satiety. Powerful combination! It's hard not to lose weight!


2.【Kingnature Coffea Vida】&【Kingnature Caye Vida】

Kingnature is a swiss company that develops and produces natural, scientifically tested food supplements for the sustainable promotion of health and well-being.

Kingnature Coffea Vida has a high concentration of chlorogenic acid, it inhibits the body from absorbing sugar and fat calories. Kingnature Caye Vida contains chili pepper extract that accelerates fat burning and promotes lipolysis to prevent fat accumulation.

3.【Karin Herzog Silhouette Slimming Body Cream】

All of Karin Herzog miracle formulas and new anti-aging innovations are made in the Swiss lab, where their team of experts are committed to helping women everywhere rediscover youthful, crystal clear skin.

This silhouette slimming body cream will help:
To reduce water retention, while flushing toxins and breaking up fat deposits.
To refine skin texture and gently polish the skin.
To increase nutrient absorption and deeply hydrate.

4.【Skin689 Firm Skin Upper Arms Cream】

As a specialist in the correction of undesirable visible skin changes, skin689, young Swiss brand combines proven ingredients with innovative skin-firming active ingredients to treat cellulite and contour loss. The Upper Arms Cream is one of the best selling of the young Swiss brand.

The patented combination of Coenzyme A and L-Carnitine promotes fat dissolution in the body for a strong lifting and firming effect on the skin. 


Aside with healthy food supplement, you can acerated your slimming plan with skin cream - dual action! Lets get ready for the summer!

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