Vita collagen complex plus drink 20 sachets

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Vita collagen complex drink 20 sachets

More than a magic beauty potion. This innovative combination of vital substances, based on the popular Vita Collagen Complex but with the unique 5 Plus for health and beauty. For anyone wanting more.
  • The formation of collagen
  • Connective tissue
  • Skin/hair/nails
  • The immune system
  • Reducing tiredness
  • Energy metabolism
  • Vision
  • Muscles
  • Bones
  • Nervous system

Take 1 sachet (19 g) mixed with 200 ml water per day.


Collagen hydrolyzate, L-leucine, taurine, glucosamine sulphate sodium from shellfish, L-arginine, citric acid as an acidifier, L-proline, agar-agar as a thickener, L-citrulline, aroma, vitamins C, E, B2, B6, biotin, folic acid, B12, D3, K2, fruit powder (orange, lemon), silicon dioxide as an anti-caking agent, turmeric root extract, calcium lactate, hyaluronic acid, L-carnitine, pomegranate extract, selenium yeast, coenzyme Q10, OPC from pine bark extract, sucralose as sweetener, zinc gluconate, UC-II collagen, OPC from grape seed extract, manganese sulfate, saffron extract, lutein, astaxanthin



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